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The sounds of music by Kate Wallace

Ruby Slippers

A sparkling extension of Kate’s award-winning “Amereclectic” style— with 12 new songs all written by Kate and produced with David West. From Blues to Bluegrass, it’s a joy to hear.

“Ruby Slippers is a masterpiece of a CD. Kate’s music moves souls”. Dana Cooper

Road to Bethlehem

For the holidays or all year round, Kate’s new collection of “Amereclectic” tunes to help celebrate the Christmas season.

“This is a knock out piece of work– pure heart and Art. The quality of this is easily worth a Grammy nomination. The sound is so magical and peaceful that fits the holiday season perfectly. Loved the original Song, ‘The Road To Bethlehem’!

– Rory Bourke, Hall of Fame Songwriter, Nashville, TN

Politics and Religion

11 songs produced by Kate and David West featuring Kate’s big – time favorite, John Stewart on his song, Spirit.

“Politics and Religion is a wonderful album…Kate sings with the type of raw tenacity that separates your standard female singer/songwriters from your great ones”

Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine, UK.

Too Long From the Sea

Too Long from the Sea is considered by some to be Kate’s masterpiece. It is a CD full of great Americana tunes about love, longing and life in the fullest.

Listen to He Takes It With Him When He Goes:

“Wallace’s music waxes a rich artful beauty of which only the most accomplished are capable… she proves herself to be an exquisite component of her craft…”

Maurice Hope, Country Music News, Britain

Two Lane America

A collaborative effort with singer/songwriter Michael Camp. Recorded in Nashville, popular at The Kerrville Festival and highly successful on the Gavin Americana charts.

“Kate Wallace and Michael Camp have voices that go together like a soft cotton T-shirt and old blue jeans. And their songs are just as timeless.”
Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter

Kate Wallace

Originally recorded for RCA records in Nashville and finished with Honest Records, this CD is as Nashville as Kate can get. It features some of the best players in the world: Stuart Duncan, Darryl Scott, Brent Rowan, Mark Prentice and Sonny Garrish.

“Outstanding CD..intelligent, heartfelt lyrics.. an exceptional release…” Billboard Magazine

Artists for Change

12 great artists contributed a song to this fine CD to support the efforts of Jubilee Economic Ministries (working to create fair trade and economic and social justice in the world). Artists include Kate Wallace, Greg Greenway, Peter Gallway, Johnsmith, Sally Barris, Frank Goodman, Caren Armstrong, Richard Berman, Doug Clegg, Emma’s Revolution, Michael Lille, Peggy Bertsch and James McVay. Purchase CD ($15 donation)

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“Wallace’s music waxes a rich artful beauty of which only the most accomplished are capable…. She proves herself to be an exquisite exponent of her craft”.
Maurice Hope Maverick Magazine, Britain